About me

It has occurred to me that I never properly introduced myself!
My name is Kathy and I week be 59 in March. I have 3 adult children-a soon and 2 daughters. Mary lives in Lacey with her husband, Matt, and their 4-year-old son, Isaac.
Jenny is in the Phoenix, AZ area. Hopefully she’s working and paying her bills. I wish she’d come home but she is determined to start there fire done train. I seldom hear from her so I just pray for her-a LOT!
I am living with my adult son in a house he just bought a few months ago. It’s a fixer-upper and the contractor’s part of the reno is almost finished.
We get to paint the inside of the house and also work on the badly neglected yard.
The house is on half an acre and I am going to have a small vegetable garden this year. I also need to put together my greenhouse for my seedlings when they are ready.
The back garage will eventually have a workshop for my wire jewelry crafting. Hopefully, that will hasten soon and I’ll have enough items tho sell at some craft fairs this year.
I also crochet and loom knit and am working on some items in those crafts.


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