Dehydrating Strawberries in a Convection Oven

I read somewhere that it is faster to dry fruits, etc. in a convection oven rather than in a conventional one.


Six strawberries sliced thin and ready to go into the convection oven. I’m starting at 150° for 60 minutes. I’ve propped the door open a bit with a wooden skewer.

The slices are starting to dry. I’m going to turn them and then put them back in for another hour

Two hours. Definitely shrinking and the thinner pieces are almost ready.
Turned them and back in for another hour.

Three hours. They are close but not done yet. They are tasty.
I’m not sure the result is worth the time involved, tho.

I ended up putting them into the oven for another hour and then forgot to get a final photo! They are good but they take just as long as drying them in a regular oven. Another thing-I can make a LOT more for the same amount of time if I dry them in my regular oven, which is what I’ll do next time.


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