Monday Morning

I had a fairly decent weekend. Patrick took Bud and me to lunch for our birthdays-mine is the 8th and his is the 10th.
Stars we stopped at the Restore and I bought some flower seeds and paint for the bathroom. The paint is a pale teal-like color. It was left over from someone’s project so it was cheap and pretty! I got almost a full gallon for $12.
The we stopped at the casino-I HATE the casino but Bud wanted to go and since he was driving…
Once at home we watched Mockingjay, Part 1.
On Sunday I went to church then we went to Ave Hardware. Bought a take and shovel and also some roofing patch for our tiny leak over the mudroom.
Patrick got the dead moss off of the front garage roof and sprayed the rest again.
I got the new house numbers painted and sealed and just need another quick coat of the sealer on the back and then I can put them on the house.
I’m going to get the crap cleared from my garden area today and possibly cut down more of this darned hedges! One good thing, though-there’s lots of already composted leaves hidden under the hedges so I won’t need to buy any while I wait for my compost to ‘cook’.


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